Technical Assessment Bot

Time to handover all your technical assessments to our AI Bot.
Onboard the virtual technology expert with 40+ technology skills.

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Automated Assessments with Artificial Intelligence

Leave all your assessment needs in recruitment, internal bench evaluation or project fitment to our AI powered technical assessment bot.
Schedule and conduct interviews and tests at your convenience of time, location and device.
Preconfigured for 40+ technology skills with ability to add more skills in no time.

Comprehensive Technical Evaluation

Evaluations are based on latest technical knowledge base. The questions are tailor made to suit the assessment objectives as well as candidate profile. Adaptive question generation helps to keep the assessments more Human-Like.

Convenient, Fast and Cost Efficient

Automation of assessments gives flexibility to conduct them remotely on any device, any time. The system is reliable and fast to cater simultaneous high volumes of interviews and tests. Unmatched cost advantages over human managed assessments.

No Human Bias and Intervention

The power of AI and Machine Learning gives a distinct leverage over human driven assessments while setting up and conducting interviews. The transparent nature of bot evaluation eliminates the associated human bias.

Technical Assessment Bot

Your own technology expert to conduct technical video interviews across 40+ niche technology skills. It doesn't need a preconfigured question bank or model answers for accurate evaluation. You can rely on our AI powered bot for automatic question generation and answer management.
It is capable of learning new skills in no time. It provides accurate recommendations and insights along with intuitive scorecards.
The confidence meter helps you to make right judgments pertaining to a candidate.

Technical Expertise

40+ niche skills including Data Science, Blockchain, SalesForce, Machine Learning, Python, MongoDB, Angular.js, Node.js, React.js, .NET, Java and many more.

AI Video Interface

Launch video interviews and tests on your browser across multiple devices such as Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Live Transcriptions and Analytics

Get the live transcription of candidate response in multiple languages and analytics on your predefined KPIs.

Automatic question generation and answer management

Eliminate the need to create or update question banks or model answers. All of it is now automatically handled by bot.

Recommendations and Insights

Intuitive scorecards with Topic-wise score. Recommendations are based on relevance, understanding and confidence on skills assessed.

Candidate Experience and Company Branding

Transform your candidate engagement experience and unleash your brand potential with state of the art AI powered assessments.

Transform Your Technical Assessments

Onboard our cloud based assessment bot as a service (BaaS)
to transform your organization's business processes which need technical assessments at their core.

Accurate Resume Relevance

Save precious time and efforts by shortlisting the most relevant and accurate resumes, so that you can hire only the best ones. In depth technical relevance helps plan assessments effectively.

Candidate Communication

Say goodbye to back and forth communication. Let the bot handle the interview scheduling with relevant candidates by sending emails and SMS. It can make phone calls too.

Video Interviews and Tests

Conduct technical video interviews and tests across 40+ technology skills. Unlock your technical panel’s bandwidth for more critical tasks and let our assessment bot recommend the best hires for you.


Intuitive scorecards with bot insights and recommendations on technical proficiency. Video playback and text transcripts ensure transparency.

Refer, Review and Feedback

Let your technical team review interview videos and scorecards before they plan subsequent evaluations.

Confidence Meter

Check overall confidence based on video and audio responses of candidates on skills evaluated. Also get a good indicator of candidate’s personality.

Bench Strength Evaluation

Make your bench strength readily deployable. Evaluate and sharpen their skills in sync with your organization roadmap.

Training Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your training against your organizational objectives. Conduct post training evaluations to test and adjust the training plans.

Project Fitment

Enhance your customer experience by quickly mapping right talent to the project requirements from your internal pool.


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